Great Advice For People Trying To Save Their Carpets

Excess heat should be avoided when cleaning carpets. Heat has been known to degrade a carpet"s quality, especially if it"s made of a delicate or colorful material. Heat can lead to permanent stains, which can ruin your carpet entirely.

TIP! If you hire a carpet cleaning service, inquire whether or not they offer any other cleaning services. For example, some companies will also treat draperies and upholstery.

When it comes to hiring a great carpet-cleaning company, you are not just going to automatically know which one is best. It takes good information to make an informed and accurate decision about the person who will come into your home to clean your carpets. Remember the advice you"re about to read so that you can hire a good carpet cleaning company.

A company may offer a certain type of stain protection for your carpet, but make sure you read your carpet"s warranty first. The warranty might be voided if the carpet already contains a stain treatment. In some cases the two products will react with each other and do irreparable damage to the carpet. Tell the professional about your carpet.

TIP! You want to feel absolutely comfortable with the representatives of your carpet cleaning company. You should be satisfied with the services you receive.

Before having your carpets cleaned, be sure to vacuum it. Make use of a good vacuum cleaner in order to eradicate lose dirt prior to applying cleaning solvents or water. You will only cause the dirt to go deeper in the carpet if you apply a cleaning product over it. You may want to wait until a stain is dry before vacuuming.

A good carpet cleaning company will offer a guarantee on their work. If the company you are considering does not provide any guarantees for their work, take your business elsewhere. You should allow the company to back up their guarantee if things don"t go right the first time. Try to get your money back if they still cannot provide quality results.

TIP! Talk to people who have used a cleaning company before. Doctors, store clerks and anyone else you come in contact with may be able to give you advice.

Before agreeing to a stain treatment from a professional carpet cleaning company, check the warranty on your carpets. Many carpets are pre-treated and you don"t want to have another type applied that can void your warranty. This can prove both costly and damaging.

A mixture of vinegar and lukewarm water is the perfect accompaniment to carpet shampoo. This method is both effective and highly affordable. There should be equal parts water to vinegar. Rinse your carpet well and then use a fan to dry it.

TIP! Keep a stain remover close by to remove some of the nastiest stains like red wine and sauces in between professional cleanings. Inform the company to apply this solution to the stain"s surface.

Know that certain chemicals used in products to clean your carpet could expose your family to deadly substances. Always read any labels on a cleaning product before using it, or even consider using more environmentally conscious products such as baking soda or vinegar.

Lots of ways exist to clean carpets, and cleaning firms can differ a great deal. Absorbent pad cleaning is one method adopted by many. The company takes a product that appears similar to a buffer. It employs spinning pads that soak up germs, mold and dirt from carpets.

TIP! To get some of the deeper particles trapped in your carpet, roll your vacuum against the grain. Hiring a professional can really get your carpets extra clean.

If you are considering the use of a professional cleaning service, be sure that this business has an actual physical location. If you run into any issues, you"ll need to have a physical address that you can go to in order to resolve said issues. You will probably want to look to another company if their listed business address is a P.O. Box.

Don"t opt for a carpet cleaning company based solely on their equipment. It doesn"t matter what they are using, it"s the person using it. Do they adequately answer all of your questions? Are they honest and also friendly? You should look for these qualities in anyone you hire to do a job.

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Never rub a stain as it will smear it around your carpet. Try to blot stains and then apply cleaning products or water with vinegar first. It may be necessary to rent or borrow a steam cleaner in order to completely remove the stain.

TIP! Research the history of a potential company. See how many years they have been around.

Test several cleaning products on your carpet before you decide on the one that is right for you. Each different type of carpet cleaning solution is formulated for specific carpet types. It is important that your carpet cleaning service uses a cleaner that is compatible with your carpet type.

When looking for a carpet cleaning business, look beyond the pricing. You want to think about the quality and reliability of a company. Cleaning companies will bring special equipment into your home. You should go with the company who shows respect for your personal property.

TIP! Upon arrival, ask the cleaning company for their certification and licenses. If there is no proof, you should look elsewhere.

A mixture of vinegar and lukewarm water is the perfect accompaniment to carpet shampoo. This costs less than getting cleaning products and it works well. Mix equal parts vinegar and water and scrub your carpet with a sponge. Use a fan to dry the carpet after you have rinsed it with warm water.

Be sure that your carpet cleaning company dispatches only workers who are reliable and honest. Background checks are a necessity to prove trustworthiness with employees. This is very important because you will have these people in your house for a considerable length of time.


In the world of cleaning, a carpet cleaner on a professional level should be fully certified by the IICRC. This certification is globally recognized as the gold standard for carpet cleaners. If you have a carpet with a warranty, you must be sure that you have a cleaner work on it that"s certified. Your carpet manufacturer may decide to void your warranty if uncertified contractors are performing carpet cleaning services.

Before signing any contracts with a carpet cleaner, ask them for insurance information. Never take a company"s word when it comes down to money. Ask them which company insures them, and call the company to verify. The last thing you"d want is to have a cleaning service working on your home with expired insurance.

TIP! You can check a company"s references by contacting your local Better Business Bureau. If there are any outstanding complaints that have not been resolved, you should reconsider your choice.

Check out the solvents and chemicals your carpet cleaner is planning to use in your home. Sometimes, they may not follow a green lifestyle, and may not be suitable for you. If everyone insists their carpet cleaners use environmentally safe cleaning products, the cumulative effect would be enormous.

Find out what method will be used to perform the cleaning service on your rugs. There are various ways to get a carpet cleaned and if you want to use one way instead of another way, you need to figure out what the company offers. Though the majority of methods do work well, you should ask the company if the method means a lot to you.

TIP! It is smart to know ahead of time if a company uses their own employees or subcontracts people to come in to clean. Typically, a company"s employees are more trustworthy than the subcontractors because the subcontractors" behaviors are not regulated by the company who hired them.

Now that you understand more about cleaning the carpet in a home, you can make sure to hire the company that will meet your needs best. You have a lot of different things to think about here, and each factor must be carefully considered to ensure the best possible results. You are not likely to regret it.

Take a photograph of your carpets prior to the cleaning process. If something happens to the carpets while the cleaners are there, you will have proof that it was not a pre-existing condition. Carpets cost a lot of money and you shouldn"t be financially responsible because of someone else"s mistake.

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